Kitchen Servery Windows

Outdoor entertaining goes hand in hand with the Australian lifestyle. There is a range of options available to spruce up your outdoor entertaining space, including kitchen servery windows to bring the outdoors in.

After installing a kitchen window, you will wonder how you ever entertained without it. Kitchen servery windows add more bench space to your kitchen, offer a bigger picture of your backyard views, and open up options for people to sit and enjoy.

The wide opening of the window negates the need to swing open doors to transport food and drinks and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Different Types of Kitchen Servery Windows

Servery windows are an exciting and stylish addition to any kitchen, allowing for convenience, easy entertainment and seamless design. Particularly over the summer months, your servery window will become an essential aspect of your entertainment area, seamlessly connecting your indoor space with the outdoors, offering maximum airflow and opening up more areas for your guests to enjoy.

There are a few different types of servery windows available to install in your space, with different costs, abilities, and designs.

Gas Strut Kitchen Servery Window

A gas strut servery window is the ultimate choice when it comes to server windows. With the choice for a completely open outlook, weather protection and the least impact on your kitchen surface area, gas strut windows are the entertainer’s dream. Gas strut servery windows open at a 90-degree angle from the bottom and provide protection from wet weather, along with a seamless flow on your bench, meaning there are no hidden sections for bugs or dust to gather.

Unlike Bi-fold windows, gas strut windows have no impact on your kitchen space, and once the window is up you will not even know it is there with an unimpacted view from your kitchen. A gas strut servery is the clear choice for a server window that won’t impact the aesthetics or functionality of your space and will allow ultimate diversity of use and long-lasting quality.


  • Available with or without a sill option, making them perfect for any renovation or to suit any kitchen
  • Create space with a complete opening, not noticeable when opened
  • Window locks to the sides so there is no need to drill into your timber or benches
  • Available with option pull-down flyscreen and energy efficient SmartGlass


  • Available with option pull-down flyscreen and energy efficient SmartGlass

Sliding and Stacking Kitchen Servery Window

Sliding and stacking servery windows are a classic choice and are the original servery window, closely mimicking an average window. These windows combine durability and a simple, classic look, and are commonly created using Aluminum for smooth use and low maintenance. Sliding windows can be better suited to smaller spaces where a bi-fold or gas strut window could not open completely.

With the optional add on of screens and sun glare protection, sliding and stacking windows are a cost-effective and diverse choice that allows easy use and low maintenance.


  • Offers the ability to open and close from the kitchen or outdoor spaces
  • Great for both wide and small window frames, stack neatly when fully opened
  • Can include fly screens and security screens


  • These windows only suit areas with a sill and with a window frame
  • The stacking windows can impact your kitchen space
  • The window can only open to 2/3 of the window space for Stacking windows and 1/2 for sliding

Bi-Fold Kitchen Servery Window

A bi-fold servery window is a great choice for those seeking versatility and ease of design with several configurations available. A bi-fold window opening will enhance your connection with the outdoors, seamlessly blending your view or outdoor entertainment area with your indoor serving areas. Bi-fold servery windows are excellent for ventilation and easy style and can be built into your benchtop for a stylish flat finish. Bi-fold windows can impact the bench space with their folding panels, so these windows are only suitable for a large installation area.

With the option to add window glazing, bi-folds can be sun and sound resistant but can be difficult to navigate with insects and wet weather.


  • This highly functional window can operate from inside the kitchen with smooth operation
  • Can cover large spaces with multiple panels
  • Opens to one side, leaving the rest of the space for food or drinks
  • Available in natura timber, aluminium and different glass types


  • Bi-folds cannot operate without a sill
  • The stacking of the windows can take up valuable space on your bench or block doors
  • The stacking of the windows can take up valuable space on your bench or block doors

Installing a servery window to your kitchen will improve your outlook and the experiences of your guests along with creating ease of use and adding to the value of your home, bringing two spaces into one. This is your sign to remove that old timber door or knock out that wall to add a beautiful and functional server window today.

To find out more about how our Gas Strut Servery Windows can improve your home and lifestyle, for ideas on what will work in your space, or visit our showroom, contact us today on 1300 347 963.