Gas Strut Servery Window

Elevate Your Summer Barbeque with a Gas Strut Servery Window

13 December 2021 8 minutes to read

It’s no secret that Australians love the outdoors, and our architecture, design and construction are tailored to make the most of it. From Queenslander homes on stilts to the Victoria era homes that populate most inner-city suburbs, the architecture of Australia is recognizable and intentional. Gas strut servery windows are the latest innovation taking Australian homes by storm. Speaking to the Aussie love for bringing the outdoors in, a servery window makes barbeque gatherings of all shapes and sizes simple, stress-free and easy to manage. 

The Victorian-style homes and older brick and mortar style homes that are ripe in almost every Australian city often feature older style floorplans with closed-off kitchens and formal dining spaces. This is not the way that modern Australians spend their time together, with open-plan living being all the rage, the kitchen being the new gathering place and most families desiring constant access and connection to each other and the great outdoors. A servery window is the perfect compliment to Australian weather, nature, and our tendency to barbeque.

There are many ways to include a gas strut servery window in your next renovation and we have some simple styling, design and construction tips to consider when planning your alfresco summer upgrade. 

The size & shape of the space

There are just as many sizes and shapes of benches as there are uses for them. For the window to compliment your kitchen perfectly, the sizing must be just right when combined with the bench. According to architect Rebecca Naughtin, the window must be the right size to accommodate the number of stools you plan on using, with room to spare for elbows and easy access between guests. Whether you’re planning on an intimate 8-seater bench turned dining table or just need a few seats for the kids to stop and refuel between play sessions, you need to make sure the window is big enough to suit. Each person will typically require between 70 and 75cm of space for it to be a comfortable dining experience. The depth of the window should be a minimum of 500mm inside and 300mm outside, totalling 800mm when the window is open, however, you can get away with a smaller inside depth if space is limited. 

The location 

Generally, a servery window is perched in an alfresco area to provide seamless dining, entertainment and clean up. However, they are perfect in any room from bathrooms to provide a sunset view or within the home to bring openness to an older style, closed-in kitchen. The location of your window will determine how it should be measured, designed and styled. One simple tip for blending the window seamlessly with the rest of your home is to use the same ceiling pattern or wall colour in your new section. This will make it look like your window has been there all along. 

Why Gas Strut Windows?

Gas strut windows are becoming synonymous with outdoor entertainment and offer the perfect solution for a range of deck and pergola types. Whether your area is long and skinny or small and compact, a gas strut window won’t add to the bulk or surface area of the space, leaving more room for that hanging chair or new barbeque set up you’ve been dreaming of. 

Some more reasons why people love servery windows include:

  • The unobstructed view, even when closed. 
  • The option to include a retractable fly screen to enjoy full breezes even during the most mozzie ridden months. 
  • A simple nudge of the window makes the gas struts kick into action, making open and closing quick and easy. 
  • The window acts as an awning when open so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining. 
  • The aesthetic of the window adds a natural, beachy element to your home, so you will be stylish and sophisticated from the get-go. 
  • The price is right, especially when compared to some more expensive options such as bi-folds or sliding doors. 
  • Made from locally manufactured aluminum and smart glass technology – our windows stand the test of time, are easy to clean, and look great all at the same time. 

A gas strut servery window is a natural evolution of Australian home design and architecture that allows people to enjoy the best of the outdoors with their families and friends year-round. Barbeques are an essential aspect of the Aussie weekend or even weeknight, and those with a servery window soon wonder how they ever functioned without one. With a gas strut servery window from our crew, you’ll find yourself pushing it open every morning and leaving it there until the candles burn down and the dishes are clean. 

If you’re ready to take your barbeque entertaining to the next level and embrace the next step in Australian design – contact us today on 1300 347 963 or click here for more. 

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