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What Are SmartGlass Windows?

22 February 2022 6 minutes to read

If you’re renovating your house or building from scratch, you may be considering how windows can improve your design. Windows open the home, expand the view and let the breeze flow, adding value and comfort for the whole family. Offering a portal to the outside world, windows can make the home feel less confined and inspiring at any time of the day.

Natural light has an extraordinary benefit for mental and physical health; however, it does have its downsides. While windows let in the light, they can also let in unwelcome heat, UV rays and glare. Choosing the right windows can mitigate all the bad and enhance the good parts of having windows. Read on to find out how.

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What is SmartGlass?

If you’ve been browsing our website, chances are you’ve seen the term ‘SmartGlass’. SmartGlass is the latest innovation in the windows and doors industry to bring comfort and control to glass surfaces, allowing the user to adapt the temperature of the glass via remote control, or to let the glass function intuitively based on the exterior temperature. With the ability to control light, heat and glare, going from clear to dark instantaneously, SmartGlass makes the home or office feel more comfortable than ever.

The major benefits of SmartGlass include:

  • Self-tinting
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Glare reduction
  • Blocked UV rays
  • Increased energy efficiency

SmartGlass is perfect for those who love both function and style, negating the need to cover up your freshly installed windows for the sake of privacy or comfort. Whether your windows are floor to ceiling masterpieces or creative and versatile gas strut windows, SmartGlass can provide the perfect solution for you.

How does SmartGlass work?

SmartGlass uses advanced technology to block light and insulate from the inside out. Heat, light or electricity can be blocked through the composition of the window using electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind or polymer dispersed liquid crystals technology. The type of SmartGlass used in your installation will depend on a range of factors such as where the glass will be installed, the weather in your region and how you mainly intend to use your glass (ie. privacy or glare reduction).

SmartGlass uses a film interlayer that is fitted onto the glass, with technology embedded for extra purpose and control for the user. With SmartGlass, your window use is no longer subject to the position of the sun or the view from your neighbours.

Whether you love wide open spaces with the sun rising and setting through your windows, or you wish for less glare and more privacy – SmartGlass will provide a unique solution to your interior design woes. SmartGlass is an additional option in our window designs, along with a wide range of colourways, retractable fly screens, a weatherproof seal and custom measured sizes to suit your space down to the millimetre. Each of our windows is custom built in our studio before being delivered and installed by our team with care. Gas strut servery windows are the latest innovative window technology to make outdoor entertaining a breeze and interior styling simple. With the optional addition of SmartGlass, you will be experiencing all the potential benefits of your gas strut servery window in a way that is completely tailored to your experience and lifestyle.

For assistance selecting the perfect window for your bathroom, kitchen or living space, get in touch today through our handy online enquiry form. Our knowledgeable team can walk you through all the options from SmartGlass to different colourways to make your window uniquely yours.

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