Gas Strut Servery Window

What are Gas Strut Servery Windows?

11 October 2021 10 minutes to read

BetaView Aluminum Windows & Doors brings the latest in aluminium window technology to your at-home entertainment with their innovative gas strut servery windows. A highly functional and unique option, a gas strut servery window will bring class and simplicity to your space, opening your kitchen or serving areas up to cool breezes, complete views and easier serving options. An asset even when closed, a gas strut servery window will offer uninterrupted views of your landscape by becoming a piece of wall art all on its own. 

A gas strut servery window functions much like a traditional servery window with the addition of a hinge at the top that is pushed out to form a 90-degree view. With a small push, the window opens with the gas struts doing all the work, closing up again with just a small pull. The opening panel of the window has an outside frame with no vertical cross members to always maximise your view and enhance your experience. 

The window can be installed with energy efficient glass for temperature control, and with or without a sill, if you want an uninterrupted serving area. Additionally, BetaView offers the option for a retractable fly screen to fend off insects. 

Our gas strut servery windows are a combination of specific and leading technology which we will explain further in this blog. 

Gas Struts – explained

Strut: noun (c) a piece of wood or metal that holds the weight of other pieces in a building or other structure.

A gas strut has a gas spring installed within the strut to allow strength, support, and controlled activity. Gas struts provide direct support for lifting, positioning, lowering, and counterbalancing safely and securely. Although gas struts have a range of uses from simple mounting to controlling the speed or cushioning falls, one of the most common uses are doors and windows. Gas struts can support the weight from a few kilos to half a tonne and use proven engineering techniques with every push or pull to ensure safety and function over continuous and long-term use.

If you imaging the struts on the car boot of a hatchback or station wagon, gas struts on a window work in a very similar way.

Servery Windows – more than meets the eye 

Servery: noun a counter, service hatch, or room from which meals are served.

Typically, when one thinks of a servery window, images of cupcake towers and drinks trays are conjured as the traditional kitchen counter option is the most common installation of a servery window. However, this is not the only use – with modern home designs incorporating gas strut windows in bathrooms, bedrooms, patios, and decks more and more. Perfect for serving meals or simply enjoying the view, a gas strut servery window allows for both uninterrupted views and simple service with no window frames or obtrusions getting in the way. Simply push the window and the gas struts will do all the work, swinging the window open and keeping it there until you need to close it up. 

The Benefits of Gas Strut Servery Windows 

Gas strut servery windows provide the perfect innovative and diverse solution to kitchen and counter serving, however, their benefits extend even further. 

Enhanced View & Experience 

There is nothing better on a hot spring afternoon than swinging open the windows and feeling that fresh breeze with the subtle scent of blooming flowers. With a 90-degree window, you will experience the fullness of the outdoors while staying in, especially with the option of a removable fly screen for those pesky mosquitoes. Our fly screens are placed on the inside of the window to fit the frame perfectly and can be simply pulled down to prevent flies or flicked up to provide an open ambience. 

You will soon find yourself using your gas strut servery window as part of your daily routine, whether it’s for a quick breakfast before school, to provide afternoon drinks in between backyard cricket matches, or to make clean-ups after an evening BBQ quicker than ever. 

Top Quality Aluminum & Expert Construction

Our gas strut servery windows are made with top quality aluminium which provides a perfect alternative to wood or uPVC for windows. Through using the latest in aluminium window technology, your servery window will be strong, durable, fire-rated, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Aluminium is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance, so you can simply open your window and you’re ready to entertain. The struts themselves are made from strong and simple to maintain stainless steel in a subtle and discreet black or a classic stainless-steel silver to compliment your colour choices. 

Our team has been providing aluminium windows to Sydney homeowners since 1986, and we are proud to offer a wide range of colours and styles within our range. Through using top quality aluminium for your windows, your window will be strong, lightweight, clean, practical, long-lasting, slimline, resistant to rust and will never warp. Our powder coating sets your window up to withstand even the harshest elements, and our range of 12+ modern colours will ensure that your window will fit in perfectly with your existing décor. 

Every gas strut servery window that we produce is made right here on local soil in our state-of-the-art facility, ready to be delivered to your door and installed in a quick and tidy manner. With full customisation available, we’re confident that your gas strut servery window will provide the missing piece to improve the functionality and style of your home. 

Our friendly local team is ready to discuss bringing your gas strut servery window to life. The process of receiving a quote and booking your installation is simple and starts here on our enquiry page. With over 25 years of experience and the assurance of the BetaView promise, you can rest assured that your window will be manufactured and installed by safe and experienced hands. 

Bring the best to your entertainment areas today with a gas strut servery window and experience the joy that our thousands of customers Sydney wide do with their BetaView windows.

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