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Inspiration for Outdoor Entertainment During Winter

9 July 2021 8 minutes to read

If you’ve installed a gas strut servery window, chances are you’re a lover of outdoor entertainment. Enjoying your servery window and outdoor space shouldn’t be limited to the warmer months. We’ve compiled our favourite tips and tricks to help you to make the most of the outdoors, year-round.

Bring the heat.

Outdoor Fireplaces

There is a range of affordable and unique options available for staying warm outside. Whether you have a sheltered space with fake turf or a real lawn under the stars, it is simple to create warmth and ambience for yearlong use. Outdoor fireplaces can be an economical and diverse option to bring warmth to your space. They are perfect for a range of scenarios from toasting marshmallows with friends to hosting a romantic red wine dinner date. Outdoor fireplaces can be built into your property to add value and lifestyle to your home and can be designed to suit several exterior styles.


If you’re in a rental or are seeking a less permanent option – a chiminea is a great option. Chimineas are freestanding, portable fireplaces that are made from clay, aluminum or cast iron. Chimineas are often used for cooking or baking and can double up as a camping companion to keep the good times going away from home. A chiminea can be used undercover on a patio or deck without causing damage, meaning that you can commune around your window for easy food and drink access while keeping warm.

Patio Heaters

Chances are you’ve seen a patio heater in a restaurant or huddled around one at an outdoor event. While they may not be as charming as a chiminea, they do a great job of keeping people warm without the added risk of fire or the unpleasantness of smoke. Ranging in both size and price, patio heaters can be kept on the tabletop, hung from the roof, or free-standing 6 foot+ heaters. If you’re wanting your heater to be as minimal and stylish as your gas strut servery window, there are some attractive options available that resemble a floor lamp. Otherwise, an interior heater that is designed to resemble a fire can be a great middle-ground heating solution for your patio.

Get Creative.

Through proper and creative planning of your décor and outdoor floor plan, your patio or outdoor entertainment area can translate from summer to winter simply.

Patio curtains.

Installing outdoor curtains on your deck, patio or balcony can be a great way to keep both the sun and cold at bay, keeping in warmth when you need it and keeping out harmful sunrays when you don’t. Additionally, patio curtains will keep the wind off your guests and add privacy if you live in a built-up area, plus – they look great!
Winter supplies storage.

In designing your outdoor space, try to include an outdoor bench with storage to have blankets, pillows, aero guard and candles within close reach. If the wind changes or if your event goes further into the night than planned, you can whip out the warmth for your guests without skipping a beat in the conversation.

Warm up the seating.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor movie marathon, a games night or just some laid back drinks and nibblies – your guests will likely be using your patio furniture. Keep some fluffy pillows close by to add a layer of warmth for your seating and consider adding an outdoor rug to brighten up concrete or wooden flooring while keeping your guest’s toes warm.

Plan your menu accordingly.

Hot drinks such as mulled wine, spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, tea and flavoured coffees can be a delicious and effective way to keep your guests warm. Along with your drinks, toasted marshmallows and smores will keep your guests close to the fire and provide a fun and nostalgic dessert option. Provide plenty of table space to keep cold drinks out of hands and bring bean bags or pillows down to the fire to keep your guests as snug as can be.

Consider your landscaping.

Proper landscaping can provide prime year-round opportunities for the keenest entertainers. Consider optimising your space for entertaining with artificial turf to avoid mud ruining your plans and walkway lighting to make those late afternoon winter parties safer and even more enjoyable.

Take your entertainment to the next level – year-round!

Our gas strut servery windows are the perfect solution for taking your outdoor entertainment to the next level. With our handy tips, we’re confident that your window will bring you and your loved one’s year-round entertainment to enjoy no matter the season. If you’re ready to chat to one of our specialists about our stylish, sleek, highly functional and expertly manufactured windows, give us a call today on 1300 091 293.

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