Gas Strut Servery Window

Top 5 reasons to install a Gas Strut Servery Window

30 March 2021 5 minutes to read

Gas Strut Servery Windows are the perfect solution for a small or tight space, to provide a view or breezy outlook, or to serve large items or a crowd of people.

Servery windows can make serving large groups simple and can expand the look and feel of your space with the flick of a lock and a slight push. Our gas strut mechanism allows the window to expand to 90 degrees, opening the kitchen completely to the entertaining or outdoor area, maximizing your view and the practicality of the space.

1. Make the most of your kitchen

The kitchen is the most common area for a gas strut window and can allow a free flow from the sink or serving counter to the outdoor entertaining area. Kitchens are often facing the best potential views, and by adding one of our large, expansive windows, you can enjoy the view and open the space for cool breezes.

2. Maximize your serving options

A gas strut window can make all the difference when planning the serving options in your home, with no more limits on large platters, grazing boards or cakes. Offering large platters and different food serving options is made easy with a gas strut window, and your imagination can run wild with the opportunities to entertain and feed your family and friends.

3. Parties made easier

Parties are simple with a gas strut window, simply push the window when the food is ready to serve, or you need to accommodate a quick clean up. Your guests will love the ability to access the food and drinks while they are fresh, and you will love serving from one section, without people walking in and out of the kitchen.

4. Style and function combined

Our windows are available with or without a sill to provide a seamless transition from the bench to the serving area, and the 90-degree angle tucks the window completely out of sight. We can include a retractable fly screen to keep your kitchen clear of bugs during the warmer months, and our windowsills and struts are completely weatherproof, ensuring you can control whether you let the sun in or need to keep the rain out.

5. An exciting point of difference

A gas strut servery window is a unique and modern addition to your home, and our windows are guaranteed to impress those who visit your home – from future potential buyers to friends and family. You and your guests will love the functionality, ease of use, technology, and style of our gas strut windows.

Our gas strut server windows are available in a wide range of colours and materials, ready to suit any home or commercial setting, matching both the interior and exterior seamlessly. With optional additions and optimum functionality, you will soon be wondering how you lived without your servery window.

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