Gas Strut Servery Window

Kick off your Springtime with a Servery Window

13 September 2021 6 minutes to read

If you’re a keen entertainer, one of the best additions you can make to your kitchen is a gas strut servery window. If you have a patio or outdoor entertaining area, a servery window enables more serving options, ease of access to food and drinks, plus simple cleanups. There is no question why people across Australia are installing gas strut servery windows to enhance their outdoor entertaining and the quality of life within their homes.

Spring is just around the corner, and with all that winter 2021 has brought, people are keener than ever to open their homes to friends and family to enjoy the new season together. There are many kitchen elements synonymous with spring and with a gas strut servery window – you can have the latest and best addition to your kitchen installed just in time to take advantage of the warmer weather. There are several ways to use your gas strut servery window, as can be discovered on our blog here. Along with your gas strut servery window, there are some simple things you can do to transform your kitchen to be ready to party those balmy afternoons and cool nights away.

Bring in splashes of colour

Well arranged Kitchen items in the shelf

Adding charm and personality to your space is made simple with coordinating pastels and bright primary colours. Most major retailers have appliances available in colours to mix and match, or in an entire range to bring cohesion and simple styling. Toasters, kettles, stand mixers, pots and pans in springtime colours such as blue, lilac, pink, and yellow can be implemented throughout your kitchen to bring dimension and a sense of vibrancy. These hints of colour are simple to switch out depending on seasons or events and will blend with most core colour schemes.

Keep it sleek and sophisticated

One of the best aspects of our gas strut servery windows is that no matter what your design theme, style or colour choices are – the window will blend seamlessly and maintain a sophisticated appeal. Including elements such as handle-less cabinets, embedded modern appliances and integrated power points and plumbing, will make your entire kitchen feel seamless and sophisticated. Keeping in line with the ease of use of your gas strut servery window, cabinets that are gas-powered through push open or close features will make your entire kitchen work with modern flow.

Consider a kitchen island

Kitchen island - main area of the kitchen

Kitchen islands never go out of style and for good reason. A perfect partner for your servery window, kitchen islands can be equipped with plumbing, power and ample storage to allow your kitchen to keep up with the demands of modern life. Now available to purchase as free-standing and unattached elements from major retailers such as IKEA and even Kmart, it’s never been easier to include a kitchen island in your kitchen design. This impressive statement piece will make your parties, events, family dinners and small gatherings a breeze, making way for food preparation and extra dining. With a gas strut servery window, your food can flow freshly from the kitchen island, through to the window and out to your guests. Entertaining has never been easier!

A gas strut servery window is a year-round essential for simple and enjoyable entertaining. With these additions to complement your window – we’re confident that this springtime will be the best one yet.

To discuss our gas strut servery windows, or to get started on installing one in your kitchen – give us a call on 1300 347 963.

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