Gas Strut Servery Window

Serving Inspiration for your Gas Strut Servery Window

8 June 2021 5 minutes to read

A Gas Strut Servery Window is an entertainer’s dream, and soon after installing one, you will realize that your options for catering have opened and expanded. No longer will your serving options be limited by size, function or food type, with your new Window allowing the food to arrive fresh, directly from the source to your guests. 

We’re sure that you can’t wait to invite your friends and family over to enjoy your new Server Window, and we’ve got some inspiration to help you to plan your first event. 

cheese platter to serve through servery windows

An open serving platter

Everybody loves a serving platter, and with an open serving platter, you can include options to suit every diet, preference and even allergy. Serving Platters such as cheese boards and charcuterie boards are visually stunning, easy to create, and will satisfy even the hungriest guests with bread, meats, nuts and fruits, plus anything else that draws your eye. Your Gas Strut Servery Window makes serving Platters easier than ever before, with the option to flick open the window and display your spoils directly from the fridge to the bench. No longer will you have to cart armfuls of food back and forth, with your Servery Window ensuring your food stays fresh and appealing for your guests. 

A buffet 

Buffets are one of the most popular choices for large families or groups of friends who enjoy dining together. Along with readily available tools such as slow cookers, warming trays and deep dishes, a Gas Strut Servery Window makes creating your very own buffet at home easy and enjoyable. With the ability to flex your cooking muscles and choose a cuisine that your guests will love, a Gas Strut Servery Window allows you to have your Buffet appliances plugged in and near the kitchen, keep food fresh and warm by serving straight from the oven, and enjoy an easy clean up with the sink close by. 

High tea to serve through servery windows

A high tea 

High Teas offer a fun and unique spin on events such as Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Birthdays, and can be simple to do well. A High Tea generally consists of sweets and savouries that are bite-sized and easy to eat. Cupcakes, Mini Sandwiches, Pikelets, Pastries and more make up a perfect High Tea spread, along with Punch, Champagne, and of course – Tea. 

 With your Gas Strut Servery Window, your High Tea is made even easier and more enjoyable with clean up a breeze, the kettle close by, and freshly baked smells wafting from the kitchen. When it comes to the delicate china and 3-tiered cupcake stands that you may use for your High Tea, you can feel comforted knowing they will be safely perched on your bench.

We’re confident that your Gas Strut Servery Window will inspire you and delight your guests, and no matter what type of cuisine you serve or event you’re planning for, your Window will make catering easier and more enjoyable. With the easy to clean nature of our Window’s, plus the simple use, top quality and sleek design, you will soon wonder how you ever entertained without the help of your Gas Strut Servery Window. 

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